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We started working on the deck for the summer.

Shade cloth




IT Things

Look at it..

So I did a thing. I had some network appliances laying around that nobody wanted at my job. I checked around to see if they are still in warranty and they were not. I looked into maybe selling them if they could get back into warranty but I was informed they can’t be refurb/recertified.

Time to see what these things are made of since they cost so much…

Popped the top and found they are dated hardware but decent enough to use for a small hosting appliance or even a cluster master as they have so many network ports they could be used for some interesting compute scenarios.

Anyway with the first device.. here we are.. hosted on a slightly upgraded Peplink Balance 380 hardware revision 6.

The device normally has a single stick of 1GB DDR3-1333 which I swapped for a 4GB stick. It also normally boots from a compact flash, which I removed and put in a 160gb SATA that I had laying around.

I opted for Yunohost as the Debian distribution because the firmware normally on the device is a customized *nix flavor and the kernel booted right up picking up all the hardware with minimal issues. It has a nice app catalog that is maintained with really modern kit. Jitsi, Mumble, WordPress, etc.

Bonus Points: the 1.7ghz Intel atom processor supports virtualization so I added some Docker into the mix and well let’s just say, the kids have a new minecraft bedrock edition server running.

  • Get the front panel LCD/Buttons working with a menu system
  • Find a spot where I can keep it plugged in where the fan won’t bug anyone
  • Crack open these other 3 devices (1x Balance 380, 2x Balance 2500-2SFP) to see what kind of fun we can get into
  • Buy a bunch of Pi4 cards and build a big Kubernettes Cluster?
  • ???
  • Profit

Will keep logging the progress here and any other events we get into.. welcome and thanks for reading.